Purchase Riders

Miriam and Peter are riders, each possessing a rare genetic mutation which, once triggered by a near-death experience, enables them to “jump” from their old bodies and “ride” new ones.  After nearly seven centuries of living in a world that is unaware of their kind, they unexpectedly encounter another rider, a ruthless Egyptian named Anwar, […]

Purchase A Stone of Hope

An affair is the last thing on Brian McLean’s mind when his wife introduces him to Veronica DuPage, a beautiful young ballerina. With a successful career, a house in the north Jersey suburbs and a perfect family, Brian has his life on auto-pilot. But everything spins out of control with the first kiss, which – […]

Purchase Blind Luck

Jonathan Worthy is a senior resident in cardiovascular surgery at NYU when he is blinded in a horrific automobile accident. Three years later, despite moderate success as a breakout author, he continues to struggle to come to terms with his new life. Even his marriage to Becca, a beautiful pediatric nurse, is suffering from his […]

Purchase The Neighborhood

After being shot and nearly blinded while investigating a drug ring, newspaper reporter Dan Hartman decides it is time to leave the dangerous beat on Chicago’s south side for a safer and more lucrative management position in Newsworld magazine’s Atlanta bureau. With his wife and two kids, he moves into a beautiful new neighborhood in […]

Purchase Sonnets

Haunted by the accidental drowning of his fiancée, NYU English professor Drew Osborne writes a book of Shakespearean sonnets in an attempt to assuage his feelings of loneliness and guilt. Still needing further separation from the daily reminders of his loss, he leaves the frenetic cadence of Manhattan behind and accepts a teaching position at […]